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1.0. Learning Music Theory is NOT Hard!

Have you ever wanted to understand music theory?

Guess what? Me too πŸ˜ƒ.
At the beginning it seems to be scary but it’s not.

And, if you are as lazy as I am then you should know that there are a lot of information about music theory and it is Extremely Overcomplicated πŸ’£.

That’s why I created the application and website that explains music theory as I would explain it to 5-years old child 😝 ! I’m not a music teacher and I won’t use music notation (someday I will). This Guide-Helper will help you to clarify a lot of music theory concepts and things that seem to be scary.

By The Way, You Must Know.

This website is a Saver πŸ™.

Time-Saver for you. Therefore it has Minimum Words and Maximum Value.
And I hope it will serve you forever…. Go Ahead! Learn It with EZ πŸ‘Š!

P.S.If you are a theory guru – this website is not for you yet ☹️. But someday it will be 😏.

Don’t waste your time! Start withΒ  1.1. NotesΒ !

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